Create relationships in FREELUCY

Overview of how to create relationships in FREELUCY.

FREELUCY offers an easy-to-use interface that enables you to create, remap and delete relationships in ServiceNow and to review and commit these changes to the cmdb.



You can only map upstream, downstream, or both upstream and downstream relationships between tables available as Suggested Relationships or that your Administrator has approved. If you do not see an option to map a relationship between entities but you require it, contact your Administrator.

Instructions on how to grant access to groups or users can be found in the CONFIGURATION section.

Access the FREELUCY

To access FREELUCY:

  1. Open the application navigator.
  2. Filter for the table that contains the element you want to map. In this case, business capability.
  1. From the table view, select an element.
  1. From the element view, select Edit Relationships.

The FREELUCY Relationship Editor initially only shows the primary element in the center of your screen.