Manage Suggested Relationships

Guide on how to manage Suggest Relationships for FREELUCY

Relationships overview

Relationships enable connecting any cmdb_ci or CIs, for instance, a Business Application with a Business Capability. This assists in understanding interdependencies.



Only a ServiceNow System Administrator can define Relationships. FREELUCY uses ServiceNow’s CI Relationships feature, which is part of the cmdb.

View Relationship Types

Relationship Types are generic descriptions between two classes (tables), where a parent and child of the Relationship Type are defined.

To view Relationship Types by:

  • Navigate to Relationships -> Relationship Types table from the Application Menu.

Create a new Relationship Type

  • Click the New button on the Relationship Type table.
  • The New record menu appears
  • Enter a Parent descriptor e. g. Provides.
  • Enter a Child descriptor e.g. Provided by.
  • Select Submit.

View Suggested Relationships

Suggested Relationships help to identify the preferred relationship types while connecting Portfolio Elements quickly. The Suggested Relationships will be visible while creating a new relationship in the Relationship Section.

To show the Suggested relationships table:

  • Navigate Relationships -> Suggested Relationships from the Application Menu.

Create a new Suggested Relationship

  • Click the New button on the Suggested Relationships table.
  • The New record menu appears.

– Select a Base class (Parent).
– Select a Relationship (Relationship Type) defined previously.
– Select a Dependent class (Child).