Manage cross-scope privileges

Guide on how to set cross-scope privileges for FREELUCY.

FREELUCY is a scoped ServiceNow application. The application is pre-configured to work with the most common ServiceNow tables via ServiceNow Suggested Relationships.

Tables added to Suggested Relationship by ServiceNow Admin are also available in FREELUCY. To access these, your ServiceNow Admin must authorize FREELUCY for cross-scope access to the tables.



Before updating the scope of a table for access via FREELUCY, you should ensure the application scope is set to FREELUCY.

Set application scope to FREELUCY

To set the application scope to FREELUCY:

  1. Select the globe icon on the upper right edge of the top menu bar.
  2. Select Application scope and filter for FREELUCY.
  1. Select FREELUCY.

Create New Application Cross Scope Privilege

FREELUCY requires access to other ServiceNow tables. This access is given via Application Cross Scope Privilege. Create Application Cross Scope Privilege to desired tables with appropriate operations over that table. Supported operations are read, write, create, and delete operations.

To add a table to FREELUCY's cross-scope privileges:

  1. Select All and filter for Aplication Cross-Scope.
  1. Select Application Cross-Scope Access. Your browser will update and you now see the cross-scope privileges list. (Or open sys_scope_privilege table directly)
  2. Select New on the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  3. The new record menu appears. Enter the target scope or select the magnifying glass icon to bring up a menu where you can filter and search for the target scope.
  1. Please enter the technical name of the table you want to give the FREELUCY access to
  2. Select operation. There are four different operations:
  • Read: Allows FREELUY to read all contents of a table.
  • Delete: Allows FREELUCY to delete relationships.
  • Create: FREELUCY can create new relationships
  • Write: FREELUCY can update relationships
  1. Status must be allowed for that operation on target table to be permitted

Each operation (Create, read, update, delete) is a separate cross-scope privilege.

For a more general description of the procedure for creating cross-scope privileges, consult ServiceNow's documentation on Cross Scope Privileges