Configure FREELUCY

Learn how to configure FREELUCY for your ServiceNow instance.


Before you start using FREELUCY, you must complete the required configurations. These ensure the application is set up correctly so you can delete relationships and allow non-Admin users access.

  1. Enable relationship deletion - Modify your cmdb_rel_ci table or execute an Update Set to grant apps permission to delete relationships.
  2. Grant access controls rights - Set up different access rights for users in your organization.
  3. Manage Suggested Relationships - Dropdown list of tables available when you open FREELUCY depends on Suggested Relationships available for the table that you have selected. In order to for a table to appear in FREELUCY dropdown table selection list, you must define a Suggested Relationship between the table that you opened and another table.
  4. Manage Cross-Scope Privileges - If FREELUCY can’t access items from specific tables, you should check that "READ" Cross Scope Privilege exists. Make sure FREELUCY can read the contents of that table.