Purchase and installation

Guide on how to purchase FREELUCY (for free) and install FREELUCY on your ServiceNow instance.

You can install FREELUCY for free via the ServiceNow store. FREELUCY is then available for installation on all ServiceNow instances across your company through System Applications.


ServiceNow HI-account required

The initial FREELUCY installation must be done by a ServiceNow administrator with access to a HI-account.

Purchase FREELUCY from the ServiceNow store (for free)

In the ServiceNow store:

  1. In the search box enter FREELUCY and select Search.
  2. Select the FREELUCY application under Apps and Solutions.
  3. The FREELUCY application page appears, select Get.
  4. Enter your HI-account log-in credentials and install FREELUCY.
    FREELUCY is now available for installation in System Applications.

Install FREELUCY on a ServiceNow instance

After purchasing FREELUCY from the ServiceNow store, you can install it on instances as follows:

  1. Log in to the instance.
  2. Select All and filter for System Applications.
  3. Select All from the All Available Applications group.
  4. Search for FREELUCY.
  5. Select install.
    FREELUCY now installs on your instance.



FREELUCY does not include any demo data and has no default tables. Your ServiceNow admin must configure cross-scope privileges to provide table access for use in FREELUCY.

What’s Next

Now configure FREELUCY for your users and check out how to use FREELUCY's functions.